Kathrine Storm-Olsen



webdesign - photography - communications consultant

Choosing a therapist or seeking therapy for the first time can be a challenge. The photos were developed to introduce Kate herself, but also to show a typical setting for her therapy sessions, to give a better idea of what to expect before a first appointment. The site design and structure is kept very simple and linear, with no parallel columns "communicating multiple messages to you at the same time" to create a calm, clear and mindful website in keeping with Kate's practice. The colour scheme was chosen to add pockets of bright, vibrant, positive energy.


webdesign - product photography - web author/editor

Author and illustrator Nina E. GrĂžntvedt has been called a rockstar of Norwegian children's litterature. Her series of illustrated, diary style novels about the young girl, Oda, won the hearts of many litterary critics and built a huge readership and "fanbase" of children, parents, teachers etc. The brief was to make a website for the young readers, as well as for adults, with a design, feel and communication style in keeping with the books.

website and hand-drawn illustrations

Norwegian author Linn T. Sunne has published more than 40 books for children and young adults, ranging from award-winning novels to historical biographies and text books for schools. The brief was a uncomplicated, minimalistic website that could serve as an official "online street address" for her authorship.