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Webdesign from A to Z

I make websites with emphasis on design, performance across different platforms, content creation and SEO. I also offer photography taylored to your site if needed. I work with different website building systems, but they all have in common that you always have full control and access to the website, and that you can update and maintain your website easily and with no knowlede of coding. 

Advice only for self builders

In addition to creating complete websites, I also offer an advice only service for self-builders. This is for you who want to make a website yourself, but are looking for some help and advice. I can get you started off on the right foot, guide you in choosing the right platform for your type of site and advice you on your design and visual elements. Last but not least, I can help you improve your SEO and site traffic.

Photography for websites

The difference between a fabulous looking template and the resulting website is often down to the quality and consistency of the photos. To make a photo work on a large, wide desktop screen as well as on a small mobile phone or tablet requires planning and a flexible composition. I provide series photos for websites, or stand alone photos to match images you already have.

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webdesign and photography

Choosing a therapist can be a challenge. The photos were developed to let site visitors "meet" Kate, but also to show a typical setting for her sessions to give a better idea of what to expect and before a first appointment. The design and structure of the website is kept simple and linear, to create  a calm and clear website in keeping with Kate's practice. The colour scheme was chosen to add pockets of bright, vibrant, positive energy.


webdesign, product photography and web editor. Author and illustrator Nina E. Grøntvedt has been called a rockstar of Norwegian children's litterature. Her series of illustrated, diary style novels about the young girl, Oda, gave her a huge readership of children, parents, teachers etc. The brief was to make a website for the young readers, as well as for adults, with a design and communication style in keeping with Nina's books.


webdesign and illustrations

Norwegian author Linn T. Sunne has published more than 40 books for children and young adults, ranging from award-winning novels to historical biographies and text books for schools. The brief was a uncomplicated, minimalistic website that could serve as an official "online street address" for her authorship.

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